Majestic Sliding Door

Majetsic – Creating Lifestyle of Highest Class

Engineered with German precision, Majestic – the sleek interlock sliding door system is a blend of Elegance and Innovation. Less visible frame, more glass opening for unobstructed view and contemporary designs, transform your living space into a place you can dream of. The sleekness of the interlock creates an allusion of no boundary between indoor and outdoor and transforms the space into impressive property. 

The system is being designed in accordance with the Indian building requirements and weather conditions to match the aesthetic desire of all classes.  The salient features and engineering of this system makes it an epitome of performance, durability and aesthetics. The system outperforms the performance parameters like high wind load, water penetration and air infiltration which make it the preferred choice amongst architects, builders and fenestration consultants. The flexibility of height and width further enhances its usability to any premises be it residential apartments, villas, commercial complexes, hotels and institutions. 

Majestic, is a technically advanced sliding door system which is a result of market response to our other existing systems. If you are looking for a system with high performance, functionality, security with durability and aesthetic appeal, Majestic is the solution you can count on.