Aluminium Window Manufacturers in Kolkata

The famous quote “Keep creating new windows from which to look at your world” shows that the importance of windows goes beyond its primary utility in letting in light and air. However, windows today need to feature high-levels of functionality and beauty to complement the interior as well as exteriors in the City of Joy, Kolkata. The hot and humid climate of the city demands that they reduce the heat effect, and at AluPure, we offer you an extensive choice of aluminium windows which will enhance the interiors and provide thermal insulation.

Our solutions are trendsetters! They match the standards demanded globally. We are, after all, a brand of profine, GmbH, Germany, the leading name of world-class uPVC profiles for windows and doors. Modern architectural styles will find that the classic lines of our windows perfectly complement their design and structural elements.

AluPure – We Combine Functionality With Aesthetics

We have a range of casement windows including the single-sash and multi-sash variants that open both on the inside and outside. These windows are available in numerous combinations of frames that have a universal appeal. Our casement windows offer efficient thermal insulation, all thanks to the unique centre seal system which also offers resistance to dust and water. We have range of sliding windows which open and close silently, thanks to the high-quality sash. You may also go for the insect screen option, which means you can enjoy the coastal breeze without the fear of mosquitoes entering your home.

AluPure- A Name You Should Always Trust

In the short span of our operations in Kolkata, India, we have established a name for delivering quality windows and excellent services. If you think that aluminium windows come in only one colour, we are here to challenge it. We use anodising and powder finishes to ensure you get a variety of colours and choices to ensure you are getting a window that perfectly complements the interior of your home. Our channel partners are the leading aluminium window manufacturers in Kolkata and will ensure only the highest quality reaches you.

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Whether your project is small or big, you can be assured of the best services standards. Keeping in mind the city’s love for its vernacular architecture and vibrant culture, you will get windows that enhance the look of a building while offering the ease of use, safety and durability. You may call us at 011-42368600 or email at


How to Fix Common Problems with Aluminium Windows and Doors?

Though aluminium windows are durable and elegant, they do require maintenance to continue to serve you without trouble. A few simple maintenance tips can give your aluminium window frames a much longer life.

  • Paying special attention to the outlets while cleaning the windows will prevent blockage and hence prevent condensation on the surface
  • The joint seals could deteriorate with time. The exterior glazing beads in some window frames can be removed and replaced after the application of a sealant.
  • To save your frame from pitting, clean it regularly. If damaged by pitting, the frame can be revived by sanding and applying a fresh coat of paint or powder. Any kind of neglect can lead to corrosion.
  • Applying a Vinyl restoring solution can prevent chalking of the powder coating. It is also useful to get rid of scratches on the surface.
  • Professional help might be required if you are stuck with window sashes that cannot be opened. The causes for this could be a twisted sash, swollen frame or tight friction stays.
Why You Should Choose Aluminium Windows for Your Home?

Aluminium windows are a great choice for homes because of their properties. Whether it is for new homes or renovations, aluminium windows in Kolkata is a great option to consider.

  • They are elegant and suitable for modern as well as traditional homes.
  • They can be made available in various colours through anodizing or powder coating.
  • Matching hardware can be obtained from the market to give it a clean graceful look.
  • These are very durable as they do not tend to rust and are resistant to fungus and termites.
  • They do not lose their shape as they are structurally rigid.
  • The windows can be easily operated with them.
  • Aluminium is more environment-friendly as it can be easily recycled.
  • It is lightweight and does not put extra load on the building.

Consider installing aluminium window frames for your homes. Avoid wood as it tends to swell with humidity. You can visit a few aluminium window manufacturers in Kolkata and choose the best frames as per your taste and the interiors of your home.

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