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AluPure aluminium windows, doors and sliding systems offer the highest level of quality and security. Their classic lines are the perfect complement to the modern architectural style. The fascinating attributes of these aluminium elements are their excellent fitness for use, even under extreme loads, and assured perfect functionality at all times.

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Modern, elegant, easy care, and resilient. This is undoubtedly how our aluminium windows can be described best. The...

The residential door is an expression of personal style and individuality, communicating to visitors their first im...

Comfort has many faces. For instance, when an AluPure sliding system is opened and closed. Its precision fits make ...

Brilliant Surfaces – In Colour or Metallic effect Colours act on the observer, generate ambience, appeal to the emotions, a...

Alupure Aluminium Doors, Windows and Sliding Systems

Alupure is more than just a name. AluPure is a brand that symbolises a blend of unforeseen creativity, highest technology and unparalleled durability.

What makes AluPure different from its competitors? Well, ask our customers who swear by our quality aluminium sliding systems and the quality of our casement windows and doors installed in imperishable and excellent aluminium frames. Most aluminium window manufacturers in India have started emulating our designs and it gives us pride and joy. We know that the skills of our craftsmen are unmatched. Their persistent efforts to showcase the best have resulted in many Indian houses and offices opting to use our products. Old houses getting refurbished are also opting for our genuine aluminium products.

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Architecture Reconnect Summit 2023

1st - 1st Dec 2023 Marriott Hotel, Indore, MP

Lets meet at Architecture Reconnect Summit Business Enquiries What’s new in Aluminium Door and Window Sys...

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AluPure launched “GRANDE” – The Big Aluminium Casement Door System
1st Dec 2022

Introducing “Grande” – The big aluminium casement door system by AluPure, it is a fusion of st...

22nd Feb 2022

profine India certified with QMS 9001 & EMS 14001 from BSI, UK profine GmbH ...

3rd Dec 2021

AluPure presents “Majestic” - The Sleek Interlock Sliding Door System" On 3...


  • Why Use Aluminium Windows?

    When you build an aluminium window frame, you need very little of aluminium because of its inherent strength that can hold more glass. This ensures a sleek and slim design to the window. Aluminium windows are very robust and long-lasting. These do not require frequent or heavy maintenance and are therefore preferred by most Indian builders and households.

    You can have long-lasting colour and an elegant finish to your windows with the best aluminium windows in India. It also allows having energy-efficient homes by letting in more wind and light. The best aluminium windows in India help in reducing the overall carbon footprint by avoiding usage of wood in window frames.

  • What Are the Benefits of Aluminium Windows?

    One of the biggest advantages of aluminium windows is that these can be very economical as compared to other window frame variants such as wood. You can also save on some carbon footprint by opting for aluminium windows designs instead of wooden variants. Aluminium window frames can be moulded to fit any kind of design and these also allow a lot of detail. With high durability and low maintenance requirements, this is the best choice for any home, office or commercial space. Aluminium windows can be easily recycled as compared to any other metal frame. It is also very easy to clean aluminium windows.

  • Are Aluminium Windows Cheaper Than Wood?

    Yes, aluminium windows come cheaper when compared to wooden variants. This is both in terms of initial cost and regular maintenance. Wooden windows are starting to get expensive because wood is an expensive raw material. Aluminium is a recyclable material, so people are starting to prefer the best aluminium windows in India versus wooden windows.

    It is less expensive to maintain aluminium windows as these do not require regular deep cleaning. Wood needs to be taken care of since it can be exposed to various weather conditions and is therefore expensive. Aluminium windows in India are increasing in popularity because of the huge cost difference as compared to other alternatives.

  • Are Aluminium Sliding Windows Soundproof?

    Yes, aluminium windows provide good sound insulation because these can be moulded in practically any shape to ensure that the design exactly fits the window. This, in turn, helps in blocking any external sound. Aluminium windows are also very durable and can be tailor-made to fit any kind of house design.

    The best aluminium windows in India are sturdy and require minimal maintenance. These can last for many years and do not require frequent replacement. In urban areas where noise pollution is a big issue, aluminium windows designs in India are being preferred by most households to block any kind of noise.

  • How to Choose Quality Aluminium Windows and Doors?

    While buying aluminium doors and windows, you must look for the overall finish that these can offer. If you opt for quality manufacturers, you will be able to get several finish varieties. These could include an anodized and powder coated finish in metallic colours, woodgrain etc. Always look for precision fabrication to test the quality of the best aluminium windows in India. Quality aluminium windows in India usually come with double or triple glazing. This helps in energy conservation and provides a good finish to the entire frame. Most good quality aluminium windows designs India confirm to a standard body, which sets out guidelines for manufacturers.

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