Sliding Folding Door System

Sliding Folding Door System

Elegance, Wider Opening, Space Saving and Sturdy, are a few of the advantages of the uniquely designed AluPure modern Sliding Folding Door System. They have increasingly become popular for the areas which require maximum opening to convert two spaces into one and viz a versa, especially in the case of a big ballroom of a hotel, wide balconies and living rooms having access to open area i.e. swimming pool, garden area etc. The folding and sliding mechanism allow the door panels to be folded and slide away on one side, creating a fully open space to make entry or exit quite comfortable in case of large gatherings.
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These doors are practical and smooth to operate and add aesthetic benefits to both commercial and residential spaces. In terms of style, AluPure aluminium sliding folding doors come in multiple colour options, ensuring they can complement any property’s aesthetic. They can be customized with different glass options, colours, and hardware, allowing for a unique and personalized look


Frame/low threshold profile system

Can be produced upto 11 panels

Wind load capacity upto 1.2 KPA

70 mm Frame Depth (Slim Profiles for large glass area)

Heavy duty sliding folding door, suitable for use in commercial application

Four stainless steel wheels in bottom & four on top ensures larger door size smooth and consistent operation

System accommodate glass thickness from 8 to 35 mm

Three point hook locking

Anti-finger trapping gasket

Quality Standards

Summary of testing procedure Air permeability
Test Standard Classified Standard Test Standard
Air permeability BS EN 1026:2000 BS EN 12207:2000 600 Pa (Class 4)
Watertightness BS EN 1027:2000 BS EN 12208:2000 600 Pa (Class 9A)
Wind resistance BS EN 12211:2000 BS EN 12210:2000 1200 Pa (Class A2)
Exposure BS 6375:Part 1:2009 1200
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