Grande- Premium Casement Door System

Premium Casement Door System

A fusion of style, durability and versatility that is perfect for any home. Grande, a premium casement door system, engineered with special attention to the modern architectural style. International quality parameters are being kept at the core of its design which will outperform any weather challenges. With high wind load capacity, water tight design, and various colourfast options, this door is sure to last for years to come.
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The advantage of this system is its extraordinary size which enhances its usability and allows it to complement buildings of any architectural shape or size, while the robust and elegant design adds a touch of class and attention. The casement door system has been designed to suit various building designs, be it home, office or any other building. This high-performing modern system gives you the option of single-sash, double openable, fix and openable door to meet the architecture/ interior requirement of your dwelling. If you are looking for an advanced, elegant, robust and high performing door that will stand the test of time, then you can vouch on Grande casement door.


Maximum panel size 1.4m (w) x 3m (h)
Wind load capacity upto 2.5 KPA
Glass thickness SG and DGU from 5-34 mm
Inside & outside open sash option
Fix, Single and French Doors
Bottom frame/Low threshold profile
Single and Multiple locking to ensure higher security

Quality Standards

Tests Standards Result
Water Tightness EN 12208 Class 7A
Air Infiltration EN 12207 Class 3A
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