profine India Introduces Aluminium Profile System AluPure in the Market

profine India Introduces Aluminium Profile System AluPure in the Market

profine India Window Technology Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary company of the worldwide active profine International Profile Group, will introduce the Aluminium Profile System AluPure in the Indian market in October 2017.

“The window and door market in India is characterised by enormous growth. Besides the growing material u-PVC, aluminium elements play a dominating role representing approx. half of the total market. We always strive for solutions for our customers, and within the framework of our full support strategy. Our objective is to offer them all necessary means for their success in the market. Therefore we  would like to offer our partners some impetus also for this market segment“, says Mr. Farid Khan, Director & CEO of profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd., explaining the product strategy of his company.

High quality, state-of-the-art profiles and manifold colour options – these are the main characteristics of the new system according to Mr. Khan, and AluPure has indeed a lot to offer.

profine AluPure is available for window and balcony doors, residential doors and for sliding windows and sliding doors.The classic lines are the perfect complement to the modern architectural style.The fascinating attributes of these aluminium elements are their excellent fitness for use, even under loads, and assured perfect functionality at all times. The profiles are highly weather resistant and require only little maintenance over their long service lives.

Diversity of Colours

AluPure aluminium units are timeless, individual and fulfil virtually all architectural  challenges affecting colour, shape and design. For this reason, AluPure also offers a large variety while choosing the window colours.

Windows and Balcony Doors

The AluPure window and balcony door system is a central seal system enabling inward and outward opening units.

It offers modern window design with convex design sashes, all- round EPDM gaskets. It can be equipped with single and double glazing. All this bestows the windows an extraordinary appearance, funcional diversity and security.

Besides the one- sash version, also multi- sash constructions and different combinations with top lights or lateral parts are possible.

Residential Doors

The AluPure residential door system is also a central seal system for outward and inward opening units. It offers an extra wide base profile, can be equipped with various glass panes and all commercially available panels. Optionally a barrier- free access can be realised. The AluPure residential door offers modern, multiple optics and guarantees perfect operation and security.

Sliding Elements

Sliding windows and doors of the profine AluPure Systems can be manufactured in two, three or four part versions. They are quietly and smoothly running and therefore can be handled easily.

Even with large glass panes, the AluPure profiles guarantee that the sliding elements move in nearly perfect silence – a result of the window and door sashes‘ high stability.

The units can be equipped with single or double glazing. The system give sliding elements an appealing, distinctive look – thanks to the clear design of the sash profiles.

Quality and Commitment

“During the development of the system, we  have put the greatest emphasis on top quality – whether technical details, benefits for the end user and above all the manufacture by our partners are concerned”, Mr.Khan is explaining.

“Since 2013, we have been producing quality u-PVC  profiles in our profine India production plant at Vadodara, Gujarat. Also with the new AluPure system, we want to fulfil all high standards in connection with quality and service which are in line with our philosophy, making the growing number of our Indian customers strong in the market.”

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