Color Options

Brilliant Surfaces – In Colour or Metallic effect

Colours act on the observer, generate ambience, appeal to the emotions, and often evoke memories. For the architect and planner, the choice of colours is a key step in the design process. Colours merge the building harmoniously into the surroundings or lend it a distinct presence. Colours underscore the architecture and place the detail or the whole surface in the foreground. And finally, colours also reflect attitude. Red is symbolic of activity, yellow of optimism. Grey, black, and white can be made to express a cool awareness of design. The AluPure system provides the maximum leeway for colours – matched perfectly to the design intended. Modern finishing techniques like powder or anodic coatings protect the surface not only against environmental effects, but provide developers with the colours and glosses for the product they want.

Powder finishing for the colour you want

Thanks to the high quality enamelling of the powder
finished profiles, the elements of aluminium retain their original brilliance even after many years and do not need a fresh coat of paint. You can choose from the whole RAL palette with over 200 colours. These RAL colours are available in glossy, matt, and textured.

Powder finishing

Buying powder-coated aluminium windows for your homes or offices

Welcome to Alupure that promises a wide range of powder-coated aluminium windows available in a myriad of colours and styles. You can find windows designed to suit your need and taste. Powder coated aluminium windows in India are the best option to painted aluminium windows. The powder used keeps the aluminium frames protected against corrosion and oxidation stemming from humid weather conditions.

The Effectiveness of Aluminum Powder Coating

Powder coating of aluminium doors and windows is made possible using a dry finishing process that combines fine particles of resin and the colour pigment and sprays on the portion to be coated with electrostatic charge methods. These particles after getting stuck on the surface of aluminium furnishings are melted and turned into a smooth coating.

The quality and success of the process of powder-coated aluminium depend a lot on:

  • the surface preparation,
  • pretreatment of the aluminium frames with chemicals and heat,
  • the consistent and steady application of the powder coating on aluminium, and
  • finally, subjecting them to curative methods.

Our experts recommend this method owing to the high level of durability and uniformity that this technique promises. You can be assured – our windows come with a high-quality finish and with an awesome powder-coated aluminium colours. We ensure our customers the joy of choosing a colour that not only blends with the surroundings but augments the look of the home or office.

The Best Alternative to Wooden Frames

Some of our customers looking to infuse a traditional look in their homes or offices prefer the perfect wood finish that adds a sense of warmth to space around. However, natural wood is an expensive option, especially, for those looking for cheaper alternative ways of construction or renovation. Though some may argue that to emulate the colour and grain density of wood finishing is not possible. However, advanced technological methods have made it possible to create patterns similar to real wood.

Our customers deserve the best

We promise “value for price”, which means that our wide assortment of aluminium furnishings cater to the tastes of all kinds of customers without hurting their budget. Installation of aluminium furnishings can create a big dent in your budget if you are unaware of what exactly you are looking to buy. However, with Alupure, one can view our broad range of aluminium doors and windows available in multiple finishing options. You can also view the price details, thus, ensuring that our customers make informed decisions regarding the choice of furnishings and their corresponding charges.

Anodic finishing for a brilliant look

The process yields brilliant surfaces and characteristic metallic effects. Anodic finishing is a benefit not only for the look. It also provides long lasting protection against increasingly aggressive environmental effects. Furthermore, anodised surfaces are insensitive to mechanical effects and
are easy to clean.

Anodic finishing

Effectively protecting aluminium windows by anodizing them

Though aluminium windows are renowned for their durability, it is still important to keep them protected against adverse weather conditions and accumulation of dust and grim. Anodizing them ensures prolonged durability of aluminium furnishings without affecting their pliability.

Aluminum doors and windows made of aluminium are inherently solid and pliable and are available at much cheaper rates. At Alupure, we offer multiple finishing options available nowadays, aluminium soluions are now preferred by most homeowners.

The effects of the anodizing process

Anodizing involves applying a layer of aluminium oxide on the surface of aluminium. This effectively protects the metal from rust and corrosion. Anodized aluminium windows can sustain a lifetime of dirt and damage due to pollution and alternating climatic conditions. The windows are protected against peeling or flaking of the metal as the thick anodized coating augments the resistance quality of the metal. The durability and effectiveness of the coating depend on its thickness. Moreover, it is deemed a better option than painted aluminium windows that lose their sheen owing to exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight.

A Choice of Colours

Anodized aluminium windows colours are multiple as the coating of Aluminum Oxide can be dyed and mixed with different shades to get the desired coloured coating. Anodized aluminium colours are also available in naturally produced bronze tones, thus, lending a unique reflective quality and a lustrous metallic appearance.

One may argue that anodized aluminium colours are available in limited variations. However, one has to understand that the available colours, if used with a careful afterthought, can be used to highlight the colour of surrounding space. This ensures unique combinations limited only by your imagination.

Ease of maintenance

Anodized aluminium windows can be easily renewed and rejuvenated, thus, making it relatively easy to maintain them. Even if they start looking dirty due to the accumulation of dust and grime, one can easily wash them off the stains by cleaning the frames using mild detergent and wiping them with a sponge or soft fabric.

Let us serve you better

When it comes to choosing the best aluminium furnishings at the most competitive rates, you may rely on us. With a team of experts experienced in their respective fields, we ensure the best and the most extensive diversity of anodized aluminium windows and other necessary solutions in sync with your need, choice and aesthetic sense. To know more details about our products, you may consider browsing our website for the latest style and fashions of aluminium windows that are in vogue.