Aluminium Windows

Modern, elegant, easy care, and resilient. This is undoubtedly how our aluminium windows can be described best. The special window geometry with its convex design sash lends the windows an aesthetic look that is extraordinary in that special way. Thanks to their range of variants, their inward and outward opening modes, and their slender sight lines, AluPure aluminium windows are universal solutions. In addition to single-sash variants, there are also multi-sash designs and a number of combinations with frames. Windows are available as side hung, top hung and French style elements. The corner connectors are mitred for the perfect look and functionality. Solid metal corner connectors are fixed to aluminium profiles to form an inseparable bond for strong, stable closed frames. They have multi point locking to get higher security.

AluPure slim aluminium windows are available in white, black and many more colours. You can be assured of affordable aluminium windows that accord the highest quality, and make your interiors look elegant and modern.


  • Why Replace Your Windows and What to Look for When Replacing Your Windows?

    Windows help you control the environment inside your house and hence is important to consider replacing them if they are failing in this basic purpose. Repairing the windows may not be of much help in this scenario.

    The cooling provided by an air conditioner can be completely nullified if the windows are not designed to retain it. Aluminium windows help you in this case as they don’t allow the cool air to escape, thus saving on power and reducing your outgoings. Replacing your old windows with Slimline Aluminium windows will also cause the value of your property to appreciate.

    When selecting new windows for your home, remember that you need to make things better and avoid falling in the trap of low cost. Choose the best aluminium windows available. Even if they pinch your pocket a bit, they will help you save enough to pay for themselves in less than five years.

    The important factors to consider while choosing new windows are the manufacturer, the cost, the warranty and the contractor. Do not even consider attempting the replacement yourself or you might end up forfeiting the warranty clauses.

  • What Makes a Quality Window? Frame, Glass, Manufacturing, Installation, Service, and a Good Warranty

    There is much more to the window than what you can see. When you buy a window, you need to pay more attention to what goes on beyond the glass. The glass is a very important part of the window, but if the rest of it falls

    apart, the glass won’t be able to hold itself up. It depends on the frame – its material and the care that goes into making and installing it.

    When it comes to aluminium windows, India has an abundance of manufacturers and hence you must be careful in your choice. Only a reputed manufacturer offering customised windows to fit your house perfectly and a lifetime warranty on them should be considered. This should be clubbed with a contractor who has expertise in the field. This will ensure that there are no gaps between the walls and the frames of the slim profile aluminium windows. Attempting a DIY or hiring a cheaper contract may lead to faulty installation and your warranty could stand cancelled and you would be deprived of good customer support.