All you need to know about aluminium casement windows

All you need to know about aluminium casement windows

Aluminium casement windows open inwards or outwards, unlike sliding windows and doors. Casement style used to be a popular window design in medieval Europe. However, this style has always maintained its strong following worldwide due to its attractive design and easy operation.

However, before considering the installment of these profiles into your house, you must know everything about casement windows.

  • Various Casement Windows Styles

Like aluminium casement doors, these windows are also available in different styles. Therefore, casement windows are ideal for both small and large windows. These are considered the most popular window styles due to their energy-efficiency, style and low maintenance. A single frame casement windows include one frame and opens in or out, according to how it’s installed.

Double casement windows, on the other hand, are like French casement windows with two panes that are designed to open from the centre. These hinged doors can be operated with a crank or handle on either side while handle operation is quite common. Even push-out casement windows are available in single or double style and include handle rather than a crank.

  • Benefits of Installing Aluminium Casement Windows

The modern sliding and casement windows consist of a single glass pane, as they are intended to offer an unbroken view. The fixed casement windows can be used in a room to mirror the style of other windows and add design consistency to the interior. However, casement windows with the hinged design are perfect for capturing airflow that allows homeowners to bring in fresh breeze into their home.

Aluminium door and windows are perfect for difficult to reach areas, as they are easy to clean and open with a single hand. Another benefit of casement windows is that they are available in a variety of styles and materials and hence, suitable for both replacement and new construction projects.

  • Different Parts of Casement Windows

Unlike sliding windows, casement windows have more parts and stay mounted in a given space permanently. Sliding and casement windows can be surrounded by a decorative casing that’s a molding between a wall and window frame.

It also contains a sash with hinges that enable windows to open horizontally or vertically. Some casement windows also have stays that are horizontal bars supporting the windows when it’s open. Many such windows also have latches or locks. Finally, many casement windows have a handle or crank at the bottom to open/close the window. The screens of aluminium casement doors and windows are often mounted to the inner side of the house.

Casement windows can be made out of different materials, such as metal, wood and vinyl. The best casement windows are made of highest quality aluminium frames and glass panels that are tested to withstand 175 mph strong winds and also able to boost energy-efficiency of the space.

  • Installation and Maintenance

Casement windows are very low maintenance, easy to clean and able to open/close smoothly. Over time, some door handles may need tightening. Improperly installed casement windows and doors may be vulnerable to unwanted critters, weather, break-ins, etc. Therefore, it’s best to get these windows installed properly by professional window fabricators.


If you are thinking of replacing your house windows, installing casements windows is a good option. Besides protecting your house from strong windows, these windows are also quite energy-efficient, durable and block unwanted light and noise than regular windows.

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