Why you should install Aluminium Doors in your Bathroom

Why you should install Aluminium Doors in your Bathroom

Are you looking forward to upgrading your existing bathroom? Aluminium doors are a great choice not just to improve the aesthetics of your home but also for bathrooms.

Why Install Aluminium Doors for Bathrooms?

Aluminium door for bathroom has many benefits like durability, strength and low-maintenance.

However, before considering the installment of these profiles into your house, you must know everything about Aluminium doors.

  • Perfect for Smaller Bathrooms

Space is a significant concern in smaller bathrooms. You may choose aluminium sliding doors for smaller bathrooms due to their sleek profile. The sliding door even eliminates the space needed to open a door inwards or outwards because it merely slides across the wall without any need for extra space.

  • Aluminium is resistant to corrosion

All thanks to the certified treatments done on the surface of aluminium doors, they are weather-proof and resistant to corrosion. No matter you live in a high-wind area or a coastal region, they can easily withstand any temperature and weather conditions without being affected. All these attributes make aluminium the best choice for bathroom doors as well.

  • Doesn’t rot due to moisture

The aluminium doors are not able to retain moisture, so they don’t rot, rode, rust, fade or flake like other metal or wooden doors. Being highly-resistant also makes them be referred to as ‘no-paint’ doors, as they don’t show any signs of ageing over time.

  • Aluminium is less costly than wood over the period of time

Another benefit of installing aluminium frame doors is that these are cheaper than wooden doors over the period of time and hence, offers you great value for money. In the long run, they are known for better energy performance and longer life. So, they again prove to be a quite cheaper alternative to timber doors.

Unlike timber doors that require higher maintenance, aluminium doors are low maintenance and don’t need any effort to clean them and maintain their overall aesthetic appeal.

Considering the return on investment, spending slightly more money to purchase a new set of aluminium doors would be a wise move to save money in the long run. However, all this depends on the budget you could afford during the time of investment.

  • Save time on maintenance

Since aluminium doors for bathroom don’t discolour or rust over time, maintaining them is quite easy, quick and cheap. The good news is that you only need to clean these doors twice a year.

For cleaning, all you need is soapy water and clean cloth. Now, give your aluminium doors a proper cleaning and wipe off with a dry cloth to enhance their aesthetics. It ensures that your aluminium doors operate smoothly and look bright for a long duration.

  • Better Appearance

Aluminium door designs are considered excellent for enhancing the overall aesthetics of any modern architecture. It can even be powder-coated in different hues and finishes. So, no matter what dimension or shape of doors you decide for your bathroom, it’s likely to give a minimalist yet appealing look to the interior.

All thanks to its sturdiness and robustness, aluminium doors are suitable for constructing large or sliding bathroom doors that can withstand even the harshest humid conditions.

  • Easy to customise

Finally, another best thing about these doors is that it can be easily tailored to suit any dimensions or specifications. Whether you want industrial appeal in your bathroom or a minimalist modern design, aluminium doors can be customised in desired colours, like door and window colour and finishes to blend with the interior of your choice. You can even select one colour in the inside and another one on its exterior to blend the door with two different design schemes on two different sides of the bathroom door.


The aluminium door is an excellent choice for modern bathroom due to its different positive attributes like moisture-resistance, customisation, less cost, etc. It can be customised as per the design, size and dimensions of your bathroom door frame.

However, it’s also essential to choose the best aluminium door contractor when selecting the best quality aluminium casement doors. An inexperienced contractor may lead to reduced installation that demands repairs very soon. So, it’s recommended to choose someone with years of experience to offer you the best quality aluminium doors.


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