How to Clean your Aluminium Doors and Windows?

How to Clean your Aluminium Doors and Windows?

Aluminium doors and windows are growing in popularity owing to their durability, shine, ease of maintenance and reasonable rates. Contemporary households and offices are getting German aluminium windows installed in sync with the latest fashion trends. However, weather conditions and dust pollution can affect even the most durable materials like aluminium furnishings, if not tended to regularly. Stiff latches and springs, accumulated dirt in the corners of the frames and build up of grime are common if the aluminium doors and windows are not cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning and polishing are recommended to avoid inelasticity and corrosion of your doors and windows while also ensuring elegance and urbanity in them.

How to Clean Aluminium Doors and Windows?

Most people are not aware of how to clean aluminium frames, especially, the structural frames of aluminium windows. They seek expert help or outsource the task to others, thus, resulting in unnecessary expenses. However, rubbing off dirt and stains from aluminium furnishings can be done simply by following certain tips. They include:

  • Wash the frames of your aluminium doors and windows by spraying water with a hose. This will ensure much of the loose dirt being washed away
  • Use warm water or dissolve the mild detergent in water to clean the frames of aluminium windows and doors. You may also opt for a special aluminium cleaner or use detergent powder used in households for washing laundry.

Aluminium Doors and Windows

For your aluminium windows that may lose sheen due to dirt and rough climate, you may consider scrubbing its frames using a sponge or with a non-abrasive cloth. Scrubbing thoroughly and smoothly will help you get rid of any lingering dirt or grime. Since, dirt mostly accumulates in the corners of hinges, ridges, latches and window joints, you may try cleaning the same using a brush with soft bristles;

Post the cleaning process with detergent and brush, ensure that the aluminium doors and windows are cleaned carefully and rigorously with clean water so that there is no leftover residue or detergent particles in the corners of joints and ridges;

Simply washing is not enough. It is important to dry the aluminium frames from top to bottom using soft fabric.

Lubricate the locking system to ensure smooth movement

More than the corners, it is the locks in your windows and doors that are most affected by dirt and soot in the air. Consider cleaning them too with water. However, it is important that you dry and polish them post the washing process. For effective use, consider putting in lubricating oil to the key and insert it in the lock multiple times to ensure that the lock has been oiled properly and there is no water droplets leftover in it. Using lubricant is equivalent to polishing the lock and will ensure the much necessary smoothness.

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