Single vs. Double Glazed Aluminium Windows – Which Is Best For Your Home?

Single vs. Double Glazed Aluminium Windows – Which Is Best For Your Home?

An energy-efficient home is comfortable to stay in. As one of the components that make your home more energy-efficient, you need to choose aluminum windows after considering which form of glazing works best for your conditions. 

Choosing between Single and Double Glazed Aluminum Windows for Your Home

Building an energy-efficient home ensures an increase in comfort as well as cost optimization in the long run. The material used for the windows of the home is vital to contributing to an energy-efficient home. The debate continues whether single-glazed or double-glazed windows are better options for energy-efficient homes. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the battle of Single vs. Double glazed windows to see which one would be best for your home.

The Basic Difference between Single-Glazed & Double-Glazed Windows

Single-glazed windows are constructed with single glass panes. These single glass panes are the only barrier between the indoors and the environment outside. Single glazed windows usually come in thicknesses between 5 mm and 12 mm.

Double-glazed windows, on the other hand, are constructed using two glass panes, which are separated by a vacuum in between. The vacuum provides adequate insulation, improving the energy efficiency of a home considerably. Double-glazed windows can be fitted onto existing window frames and UV tinted or laminated for more indoor comfort.

Single vs. Double-Glazed Aluminium Windows: The Pro & Cons 

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of single-glazed windows.


  • They are cheap owing to the use of a single glass pane.
  • They allow more heat to escape from indoors.


  • They don’t offer adequate insulation and do not trap adequate heat indoors in cold regions. Inadequate insulation also means the easy transfer of heat/cold between the indoors and the environment outdoors, leading to energy loss.
  • They are not cost-effective for a home, as more money needs to be spent on finding alternative ways to heat the indoors.
  • They are not secure and can be easily broken, which means less security for a home as compared to double glazing panes. 
  • They are not noise-resistant, which can be a problem in busy or noisy neighbourhoods.

Let’s move on to double-glazed windows to find out about their pros and cons.


  • They are energy efficient. Double-glazing with two glass panes prevent heat to transfer from outside to inside or vice versa, leading to better insulation. The vacuum in between the glass panes increases the efficiency further. Double-glazed windows can be customized and fitted to provide energy efficiency in homes. It means a considerable reduction in energy bills over time, proving that double-glazed windows provide thermal insulation when compared to single-glazed windows.
  • They are soundproof. In the case of single-glazed windows using single panes, the soundproofing is not effective, as the glass would not be thick enough to muffle sounds. Furthermore, the seals used for single glazed windows are not as efficient as those used for double glazed windows for blocking noises. With double-glazed windows, soundproofing is increased. This space is a low conductor of sound. ; meaning the chances of noises entering the house from the outside is minimal. It makes double-glazed windows a perfect choice for homes located in busy neighborhoods.


  • Double-glazing windows are comparatively more expensive to install. Therefore, you must weigh the pros of these windows on energy savings over time. 
  • They are expensive to repair. Compared to single-glazed windows, double-glazed windows are harder to repair. It automatically increases the repair costs associated with double-glazed windows.

In a Nutshell

When it comes to the battle of Single vs. Double-Glazed Aluminium windows, double-glazed windows tend to have an edge over its competitor. 

Single-glazed windows are still popular due to cost effectiveness.  But now we have option of single and double glazing with different advantages and features. However, with the advent of newer, better options and the increase in awareness to go green and sustainable, these windows may just not make the cut anymore. When it comes to increasing a home’s energy efficiency and sound insulation, single-glazed windows don’t meet the necessary requisites.

Double-glazed windows, although expensive, can offer a better alternative to homes looking to reduce energy costs. With one overlooking the initial costs of installation and repair, these windows would provide a positive return on investment over time.

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