French Doors vs Sliding Doors for Balcony: The Better Option of the Two

French Doors vs Sliding Doors for Balcony: The Better Option of the Two

When it comes to the balcony doors, there are a lot of options you can choose from. There are bi-fold doors, French doors and aluminium sliding doors, which are among the most popular. There are advantages and disadvantages of all these, but choosing a door comes down to your preferences.

There are two very popular options for balcony doors in India – sliding doors and French doors. Both are excellent options for patio or balcony. Before choosing which one to install in your balcony, you should understand them

Elevate Your Balcony with a Stylish French Door:

French Door for balcony

French doors are also called swinging patio doors. They are made of two door panels that can be swung open. Depending on the way the door is hinged, the panels can either swing inward or outward. Depending on the width and height of the frame, French doors can be made to create a wide opening to the balcony. As they are to be swung open, you would need enough floor space to open the French doors fully and utilize the area to the fullest.

Many traditional décors have French type doors and using them for the balcony too will fit right into the décor. If you are going for a classic décor, the French door is a bold choice that will stand out.

The Perfect Sliding Doors for Balcony in India:

Sliding Door for balcony

A sliding door has one or more panel mounted on the aluminium sliding door track. This sliding track allows movement along with the window, unlike French doors. As the balcony sliding door panels can’t go beyond the frame of the door, this type is more suited for congested rooms or rooms with relatively smaller balcony. You can also go with bigger panels with glass surfaces that invite more sunlight. This is possible as the whole frame bears the weight of the panels as opposed to only hinges in the French type door.

Although a balcony sliding door can be installed in any house, they could sometimes seem out of place in a traditional setting. They are ideally suited for a minimalist décor.


Both sliding doors and French doors will be a great addition to your home. Typically, French doors cost more than sliding doors, but the costs depend on the level of customization you want. There are a few differences:

  • French doors have more full frames and thereby allow wider opening into your balcony.
  • French doors allow a wide range of customizations like a door handle and door locks.
  • Sliding doors take lesser space compared to French doors owing to aluminium door track.


Security is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a door. Both kinds of doors offer great security to your home. In French doors, if one panel is locked, the other stays in place. For sliding doors, the whole unit is very secure. If you use a triple-glazed glass, your door will be nearly unbreakable.

Now that you know about French and sliding doors along with their differences, you would be in a better position to make a well-informed decision on your balcony door. Choosing a balcony door ultimately comes down to your preferences. Sliding doors are a great option if you want a better view or light to enter your living space. They are more suitable for homes, which have minimalist interior décor or do not have a lot of space to cater to the space needed for swinging French doors.

On the other hand, if your home has enough space or you are more of a traditional décor person, then French door is more suited to your home. They offer a timeless look that you simply can’t get with a sliding aluminium door.


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