Top 5 Tips to Choose the Correct Sliding Door for your Balcony

Top 5 Tips to Choose the Correct Sliding Door for your Balcony

A balcony is one of the few places that you begin to appreciate as you grow older. You can use the balcony for watching the sunset at the horizon, the children playing in the distance, or watch birds with your binoculars.

You can also engage in conversations with your neighbours, fly a kite, water the potted plants in your balcony garden, or just grab a breath of fresh air.

However, you will still require sometime when the balcony needs to stay off-limits. The best way to do so is by employing balcony sliding doors that allow you access to the outside world whenever you desire.

If you have a balcony, you must have thought about getting a sliding door while renovating the house. However, you may be too afraid to carry out your plan due to fear of ruining the house. Worry no more, since this blog will help you to choose a balcony sliding door for your home.

Tips To Choose A Balcony Sliding Door For Your Home

  1. Material of the Frame

Today, you can opt for multiple materials for the frame of your balcony sliding door that can range from aluminium, vinyl, fibreglass, or even wood.

Every material comes with its benefits.

For example, aluminium does not require much material to support the glass panel, allowing more light into the room. Meanwhile, fibreglass is more efficient in temperature regulation.

You must choose the material of the frame for the balcony sliding door depending on the frame size, price, energy efficiency, and appearance.

  1. Style And Design

The balcony door should fit properly within the house architecture for seamless sliding as well as maintain the aesthetic of the house. Today, you can choose between vinyl, fibreglass, and aluminium glass door design.

The most common design of sliding doors involves two doors, one sliding on top of the other. However, you can choose from various themes, and customize the doors according to your choice.

French sliding doors, for instance, have two sliding doors right from the middle. Telescope sliding doors, on the other hand, have multiple panels which fuse the outside and inside with more glass area and a wider entrance.

Using blinds can help you regulate the amount of light flow to the room.

  1. Glass Options

Tempered glass is the best choice since, under the impact, the glass disintegrates into fine pieces which will not hurt you. Laminated glass is good for noise reduction as well as UV rays filtration. For a cool shade, you can opt for tinted glass.

Meanwhile, using multiple panes of glasses can aid temperature isolation keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  1. Security

Since your balcony sliding door is mostly made of glass, you must be concerned with the security. At a time like this, when burglaries are commonplace, you must be very careful.

The latest aluminium glass door designs enable you to include sliding glass door lock features, such as interlock systems and steel cables, and hooks to seal the door, and ensure that glass panels do not come off.

  1. Functionality

While choosing a slider, you must ensure that it is functional, operational, and requires little or no maintenance. The sliding friction is dependent on the contact material. It determines the speed of door movement as well as the abrasion.

Vinyl can produce cool shades, but you cann’t repair the damage, and you need to replace the whole thing. In contrast, an aluminium glass door design is the safest bet for you since it focuses on structural integrity as well as comes in various colours.


Your balcony is a mode of recreation. From reading a book with a coffee mug in hand as you hear the calming sound of rain, or eliminating office stress by walking around, the balcony is your silent guardian.

However, a balcony door is required to protect yourself from external threats.

While choosing a balcony sliding door, you must ensure it is in the proper place, made of the right materials, looks aesthetically pleasing, and serves its purpose.

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