Windows & Doors – Trending Colours to Choose From

Windows & Doors – Trending Colours to Choose From

Colours are what makes a world of a difference to anything, especially homes. A simple home can be made to look grand with the right door and window colour. Choosing colours that are not well-coordinated can turn the same into an eyesore. This applies to accessories, furniture and the doors and windows of the house.

While it is possible to alter the accessories to change the appearance of a room, the doors and windows are more permanent structures. The door and window colour should hence be chosen very carefully. If you are in the process of building or remodelling your house, it makes sense to look at the trending colours before deciding on the final look.

Door and Window Colour Trends:

  • Definitely White

White doors and windows have been and will probably remain the first choice for homes. This comes from its inherent nature of doing well with most colours, either by blending in or by making them stand out in its presence. It gives a clean finish to the exteriors and the interiors look graceful with white. It also goes well with most personalities. You can choose different shades of white to go with your home for a classic look.

  • Black – Glossy or Matte

This is an equally preferred colour as they enhance the look of homes of any kind by giving it a clear and well-defined look. You can be assured that you can choose any colour for the other aspects of your room and you will be satisfied with the result. The contrast provided by the colour black makes sure of that. You can also consider other very different dark colours such as charcoal grey or a Prussian blue on similar lines.

  • Pale Blues

Another option for colours for doors and windows that are trending is the colour of faded corals. When the coral dies, it loses its original colour and becomes almost transparent. The resulting blue has been very popular with designers in recent times. It is a very pale colour and can be comfortably used with light and dark colours alike.

  • Aluminium Finish

Aluminium with its classic silvery-white finish is opted for by many for its simplistic and minimalistic look. Paired with clear glass, the impact is that of complete freedom. Pale grey is also similar in the impact. The look can be achieved through the process of powder coating or anodizing. Since both the processes are equally effective, you can go for either and enjoy the comfortable appearance of silver and grey.

  • Browns

If you like the colours of wood, designers suggest a variety of shades of brown to go with your glass doors and windows. Any shade from dark mahogany brown to light maple wood, all give the doors and windows a glamorous look. The dark and the light colours have the capability of merging with the surroundings and adding a certain charm to the exterior look of the house.

The rest, of course, is a personal choice and one does not necessarily need to follow trends. If you are happy in your space and wish to choose from a variety of available colours, you can pick any from the wide range of powder coatings available for your aluminium glass door and window frames. You can choose to have the colours in a finish of your choice. The available options are glossy, matte and textured. It is important to enjoy the process of designing the home just as much as you would enjoy living in it. If you are not a powder coating fan, you can also choose anodized frames for a metallic finish in a variety of colours.

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