How to Transport Aluminium Windows and Doors

How to Transport Aluminium Windows and Doors

When compared to doors and windows made of other materials, aluminium doors and windows are easy to transport from one place to another. However, to ensure that you transport aluminium doors/windows with no scratches whatsoever, follow these tips.

In contrast to wooden doors/windows or doors and windows made from other materials, aluminium doors and windows are easy to transport. Aluminium is more durable and comes with lower transportation costs owing to the same factor. The resistance to sudden temperature changes also makes it easier to transport aluminium when compared to wood, which can expand and crack with high and low humidity respectively. If you plan to transport aluminium doors and windows over long distances, here are some tips that can help you reach your destination without any hassles.

Plan ahead and save big on transportation costs

One of the simplest and easiest ways to save money on transportation costs when transporting aluminium doors and windows from one place to another is to arrange the move during a weekday. Many moving companies involved in transporting aluminium windows and doors will charge more for weekends when they are nearly fully booked as opposed to weekdays when they do not get too many clients. Call the moving company and ask for their prices for weekdays and weekends. You will be surprised to note the drastic drop in moving costs for weekdays. Arrange for a slot on a weekday and ask for the costs on a per hour basis. Also, ensure to take note of the costs mentioned for packing supplies and other essential necessities used during the move. A detailed explanation, in this case, will help you prepare your finances for the move well in advance.

Label, Label and Label Everything!

It is important that you label every single door and window that you pack and move. Aluminium doors and windows can be hard to carry. As such, labelling them makes it easier for you or the moving team to transport the products to the new location safely. It will also help the moving team in understanding where the items need to be placed in the new location so that you don’t need to drag the aluminium windows and doors through the house by yourself after the moving team leaves the property.

Another tip is to write down the exact number or doors and windows you will be transporting. This prevents the hassle of experiencing unpleasant surprises after the moving process.

Take lots and lots of pictures

Ensure to take photos of all the aluminium doors and windows that need to be transported. Date these pictures and show them to the moving team beforehand. These pictures will act as proof in case the doors or windows get damaged during the moving process.

Don’t forget the contract

Signing a contract is one of those steps in the moving process that you should not overlook. Before signing a contract with the moving company, ask about the insurance that is offered for the transportation of products like doors and windows. Some moving companies offer insurance only if you hire their packing team, along with the moving team. It is considered wise to take up this offer as the packing team is dedicated to handling heavy items like aluminium windows and doors efficiently. Moreover, they bring along their own packing material, which is usually of higher quality than store-bought packing material.

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