What Are Aluminium Windows & Its Types?

What Are Aluminium Windows & Its Types?

Aluminium windows are excellent for any space, including a restricted space where you don’t want windows projecting out of the wall. These windows are sleek yet elegant, hence gels with any home interior. Aluminium windows manufacturers consider this style of the window, as it’s very popular in many modern-day offices and houses.

Features of Aluminium Windows:

Following are some important features of aluminium windows:

  • Aluminium windows feature a classic style that’s perfect for any type of architectural layout.
  • The aluminium sliding windows feature two or more sashes that horizontally pass each other in the frame.
  • Both white aluminium windows and colour aluminium windows retain their colour and are low maintenance due to few moving parts.
  • Aluminium windows are completely weather sealed around its frame. This minimizes dust, draught and water intrusion.
  • These windows are available in various sizes and styles, along with durable hinges, handles, etc.
  • These windows have a silent and smooth sliding movement.
  • They are available in a wide range of colours – from black aluminium windows to timber or any coloured window frames.


Types of Aluminium Windows

Following are the different types of aluminium windows available in the market

1. Aluminium Bi-fold Windows 

This window style is easy to maintain and clean. It also offers you greater access to the outer areas of your house. It opens up to one side and provides an undisturbed space between its frames.

2. Aluminium Tilt-Turn Window 

Tilt & Turn Windows

This window style is tiled for opening at an angle from its top portion or swinging wide open just like a door. It enables vertical and horizontal movement. Hence, it brings in maximum air into a room. It is ideal for small balconies or areas with limited spaces.

3. Aluminium Sliding Window 

Sliding Window

This window type is operated by sliding it from one side to another. It is one of the most common types of aluminium windows available in the market. It is easy to maintain and operate. You can even glaze this aluminium sliding window for improving the insulation and energy efficiency of your home while reducing your energy bills.

4. Aluminium Casement Window 

Casement Window

The aluminium casement window is perfect for homeowners who live in a house located at specific angles to let the breeze in. This window brings in the maximum breeze into your house due to its accurate angle setup. This window type is hinged at its sides and it also cranks outwards. So, you can easily open it at the right angle for funnelling the gentle breeze into your living space. It even provides better security to your property, as it comes with hook-shaped casement locks. You can open them at an angle to funnel in the gentle breezes into your house.


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