Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Colour for Your Doors and Windows

Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Colour for Your Doors and Windows

Windows and doors come in a huge variety of colours. However, with such diverse options, the question is, how can you select the correct colour for a property? Offering a guarantee for several decades, the windows and doors you choose are going to be in place for quite some time. Therefore, you need to select a door and window colour that you would like for several years to come.

Here, we will discuss the key areas that demand consideration when you decide the colour of new windows or doors for your property.

Architectural Style of the Property

Every home has an architectural design to make it unique. Choosing window colours matching this design aesthetically is the primary step to choose the correct windows. For example, Victorian-style houses usually suit a classic colour palette, while modern homes could look good with anything bold or more subtle.

All homes are built with unique architectural designs, possibly the most important aspect to make every home different from others. Therefore, the magic spell to maintain this unique look of your home lies in understanding the style and colour of windows or doors you need to choose. Before beginning your search for a particular colour, remember to consider the style of your home.

Exterior Design for the Door and Window Colour

It is crucial to select a colour that matches well with the building materials used in a given property. A good idea is to choose a door in the same colour as the windows, to help in tying the whole look together.

Also, make sure to take a look at the colour of the windows of the neighbouring houses. You need to ensure that you select a colour that can complement instead of clashing with that of your neighbours’ windows. For instance, if you live in the street with homes that have white aluminium windows, it might be a good idea to install windows in the same colour family, say grey.

Your Taste

Any window or door colour that a homeowner ends up choosing needs to reflect their own personality, along with the way different colours make the homeowner feel. For instance, natural colours are rustic as well as comforting. Grey is evergreen and classic for an aluminium door design, while yellow is really warm, welcoming, and exudes positivity. Make sure that you remember that the colour that is on the outer side of the windows doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly the same as the interior colour of your windows. Hence, it is possible to choose a colour for the inside to match the interior of the property while the colour on the exterior can match the outside.

Wise Use of Bold Colours

Since it is much simpler to switch out paint colours of a wall instead of changing the windows, it is advantageous to select a neutral shade for the window frames that can work along with a plethora of other colours. In this way, if you are a fan of bright and bold colours, you can select these for the wall because painting a wall can be done more often than changing out the windows of a home. In case you choose bright colours, keep in mind that they look brighter on the outside in sunlight than indoors of your home. When you select a colour, examine it outdoors in sunlight.

In a nutshell, when you decide the colour, keep in mind the following:

  • A dark or subdued colour can create the illusion that the window frames have disappeared into the glass, giving a smooth, flat look.
  • Light shades have the capacity to highlight your window unit to create a contrast.
  • A dark frame for windows paired with a light facade can create contrast as well as character, resulting in an eye-catching architecture.
  • A matte finish on your window frames will make it appear lighter as well as more subtle.
  • A bold colour works best for a window if balanced by a calmer facade, to ensure that your property does not look excessively colourful!
  • Darker shades such as blue, plum, or green are relatively safe bets to make a statement.

Hope this guide helps you in choosing the right colour of doors and windows for your property. Aluminium doors and windows can be considered as a safe bet because they comply with most building materials, are timeless, and suit the maximum styles of houses.

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