Why You Need to Embrace Sliding Doors

Why You Need to Embrace Sliding Doors

Sliding doors present a simple yet practical entry/exit system for every need and décor. These doors slide open horizontally on a fixed panel, and hence the name. The mechanism allows for some benefits that were first realized by ancient Romans, and it’s time for you to follow suite.

Space Saving:

Being cramped for functional space in urban settings is a commonplace. If it resonates with you as well, let sliding doors come to your rescue. The doors operate on a space saving mechanism where one unit glides on the aluminium sliding door track while the other remains fixed. This is in sharp contrast to the conventional hinged doors that swing open inwards or outwards and, hence, require ample opening space around the doorway. Besides actually freeing up the space, sliding doors also help create the illusion of more spacious living spaces.


Sliding doors have made their way into all residential and commercial spaces for their versatility. Think traditional, contemporary, and transitional, mid century modern, Scandinavian or country, these fittings blend well with every conceivable décor to create an exceptional ambience. Available in varied styles, such as Arcadia, bypass and pocket, they have a broad applicability and can be used as shower doors, patio doors, cupboard doors, screen doors, glass doors and more. Let your creativity soar, as Sliding doors keep your application needs covered.


Sliding doors feature expansive glass panes held in place by aluminium panels. Given the durability and high tensile strength of aluminium, the panels are kept sleek and the glass area is maximized. The construction translates into clean lines that effortlessly accentuate the worth and appeal of any living space, regardless of the décor or size. The enhanced glass area also gives you a panoramic view of your perfectly landscaped outdoors and creates a consistent flow of outdoor and indoor spaces. Also expect getting a fair share of fresh air and sunlight.

Energy Efficiency:

Sliding doors are your best response to hefty energy bills. Aluminium and glass, both components of these fittings ensure remarkable thermal insulation, keeping the temperature to your liking in summers and winters. Resultantly, you use a less amount of power all year round and save significantly. The option to further the weather proofing is also readily available in form of a composite gasket. The gaskets when fitted to a sliding door not only boost insulation but also prevent dust and rain from seeping in. An acoustic effect can also be realized.

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