Choose Coloured Window Frames for a Stylish House Design

Choose Coloured Window Frames for a Stylish House Design

Casement windows are popular window styles because these are very easy to use. These windows open outward like a door, as they are hinged at one side. While most casement windows have a hand crank, they are easy to push to open.

However, installing aluminium casement windows with a crank is the right solution if you’re installing them over a countertop, sink or appliance. But if you’re looking for some solid reasons to install casements windows into your living space, you must read these following advantages of installing these windows:

1. Offer better airflow

Compared to other window styles, casement windows offer better directional airflow even when the wind is not blowing toward your house. It makes these windows better solutions for bathrooms and kitchens that are known to have higher moisture content than other areas of the house. Sliding and casement windows or simple casement windows are ideal for maximizing the airflow into your home.

2. Energy-efficient

Most homeowners need energy-efficient windows when renovating their house. Aluminium windows frames are best in this regard. When installed professionally, these windows form an airtight seal that’s reinforced whenever latch is firmly locked. So, considering these windows for better energy-efficiency is the right choice.

3. Easy to Operate

The aluminium casement windows include tandem latches or single-lever to open or close them quickly. Many casement windows can also be integrated with automatic openers if the homeowner likes it that way.

4. Low-maintenance

Since casement windows are easy to operate, they can easily be maintained. Their exterior is made from durable vinyl that lasts for many years. This quality also saves your time repainting or prepping up these windows after a year or so. When it comes to cleaning, you can easily wipe off the interior; whereas for the exterior, you can use a ladder to climb up to the window and clean it using a regular cleaner.

5. Good emergency exit

Casement windows also make a grand emergency exit whenever your family needs a second exit to get out of the house. Be it fire or any other emergency, and casement windows are the best to rescue homeowners.

6. Available in many design features

When shopping for aluminium casement windows, you’ll find them in a vast range of elegant designs to give your home an upgraded appeal. You can choose windows frame colors in the various sash or match the existing home interior.

7. Offer Security

If you think that having casement windows in your house will make it easier for intruders to enter your house, you’re wrong. With the secure hook-shaped lock in place, it’s difficult for intruders to enter your home. The only way to enter your home is by breaking the glass, but the resulting noise of breaking glass would draw attention to any would-be intruder. Considering this fact, they usually feel discouraged attempting to break into your house.

Casement windows are an excellent choice for any residential or commercial property owners looking for durable, safe, versatile and energy-efficient solutions. After reading all the benefits of casement windows, you’d certainly want to install them into your house.

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